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Standard 9 Jacob coloris Rouge Ancien

Standard 9 Jacob coloris Rouge Ancien
    • Picture of the Standard 9 Jacob clay tile
      Standard 9 Jacob clay tile photo
      A colour for every
    • A robust tile

      The Standard 9 Jacob is a large interlocking clay tile. This model has a variable gauge and is slightly cambered. Like all Imerys tiles, it is made in France. In this case, at Commenailles in the heart of the Jura. Available on special order only

      • Natural Red
      • Rouge Ancien
      • Brown
      • Slate
    • clay tiles : the Standard 9 Jacob tile
      Clay tiles : the Standard 9 Jacob tile
    • Irreproachable

      Thanks to its variable gauge, the Standard 9 Jacob is particularly easy to use in restoration work. Laid either in line or broken bonded, it ensures perfect watertightness even on shallow pitches. The simplicity of the installation and its traditional appearance mean it is a key player in newbuild projects.

    • Continental

      The Standard 9 Jacob finds its natural home in Alsace, Savoy and Burgundy. Its range of colours is typical of the region. It is well adapted to the harshest of winters, a tile of quality, renowned for its durability.

    • clay tile photo: Standard 9 Jacob IMERYS Roof tiles
      Clay tile Standard 9 Jacob IMERYS Roof tiles photo


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General characteristics

Interlock Double
Installation In line or broken bonded
Maximum gauge from 340 mm mini to 375 mm maxi
Overall length of tile 450 mm
Overall width of tile 315 mm
Cover width 273 mm
Unit weight per tile 4.4 kg
Coverage/m2 @ max gauge 10 (at gauge of 375mm)
French codes of Practice 40-21
Production sites Commenailles
Tile reference 216
Linear metres of battens/square metre with indication of gauge Minimum gauge of 340mm=2.94 l.m. Average gauge of 357mm=2.80 l.m. Maximum gauge of 375mm=2.67 l.m.



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