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Technically and visually stunning

Rhôna 10 coloris Ardoisé

Rhôna 10 coloris Ardoisé
    • Picture of the Rhôna 10  clay tile
      Rhôna 10 clay tile photo
      A colour for every
    • A unique tile

      The Rhona 10 is produced at Ste-Foy-l'Argentiere (69). It is a large format, profiled interlocking tile. Its ease of installation - in line or broken bonded - and its use on shallow pitches mean its technical qualities are quite outstanding.

      • Slate
      • Natural Red
      • Rouge Nuancé
      • Brown
      • Rouge Ancien
      • Sérac
    • Stunning good looks

      The Rhona 10 was awarded the Silver Medal for Design at the Batimat Salon in 2007, where its aesthetic qualities impressed the jury. The Rhona 10 reflects the light in different ways depending on the time of day and the season. Its style and refractive qualities add that distinctive touch to your roof and to contemporary architecture in general. Its range of modern colours is another trump card.

    • IMERYS Roof tiles clay tile: Rhôna 10
      IMERYS Roof tiles clay tile: Rhôna 10
    • clay tiles : the Rhôna 10  tile
      Clay tiles : the Rhôna 10 tile
    • Intelligent and beautiful

      The installation of the Rhona 10 is greatly simplified thanks to its technical advantages, as recognised by professionals. Installation can be either in line or broken bonded. Lateral play: the Rhona 10 can be ajusted laterally by 4mm (+/-2mm). Vertical play: its variable gauge gives a latitude of 30mm between tiles. Alignment marks: the Rhona 10 has two marks which allow the tiles to be positioned and the pre-drilled holes: two holes at the top of the tile mean the Rhona 10 can be fixed using suitable nails or screws.

    • Designed for all roofs

      Be it for contemporary housing or restoration work on an old house, the Rhona 10 with its large format (up to 9.5 to the m2) is suitable for all roofs. Excellent results in the CSTB wind tunnel test, confirmed that it can be used on pitches as low as 30%. Its design means it is perfectly suited for use in conjunction with photovoltaic panels which makes it a success both aesthetically and environmentally.

    • clay tile photo: Rhôna 10  IMERYS Roof tiles
      Clay tile Rhôna 10 IMERYS Roof tiles photo


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General characteristics

Interlock Double
Installation In line or broken bonded
Maximum gauge from 360 mm mini to 390 mm maxi
Overall length of tile 471 mm
Overall width of tile 313 mm
Cover width 276 mm
Unit weight per tile 4.4 kg
Coverage/m2 @ max gauge 9.3 (at gauge of 390mm)
French codes of Practice 40-21
Production sites Ste Foy l'Argentière
Tile reference 222
Linear metres of battens/square metre with indication of gauge Minimum gauge of 360mm=2.77 l.m. Average gauge of 375mm=2.67 l.m. Maximum gauge of 390mm=2.56 l.m.



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